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The Best Stones for Virgo

Not all signs come across as clear-cut and well-defined as a Virgo does. You Virgos are well known for your intellect, calm demeanor, and perfectionism. These traits are not harmful. They can come in handy in many different aspects of life. Your negative features of being fussy, judgmental, and being overly critical, on the other hand, can make life unbearable for others sometimes. More than anything, these traits hinder you in some ways. From schooling and career to maintaining a social life, your characteristics can be considered a blessing or a curse.

More than anything, you Virgos are harder on yourselves than anything else. Many of you have had these goals in life: how to live, be, act, and look. If you do not meet your expectations, many of you believed that you had failed somehow. When in actuality, you have not failed, life is not and will never be perfect. No matter how hard you wish. This is where holding your problems in your charkas comes into play.

Listed below are fifteen stones to help you with your thoughts, struggles, possible health problems, and charkas.

1. Amazonite

Amazonite is known as a calming stone that balances the feminine and masculine energies. It helps you to see both sides of the coin or from another person's point of view. This stone is exact to use in any "manifesting universal love" meditations or rituals. It protects the owner from the negative energy that clouds you. This stone is a Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra stone. Think of this stone as that wise old friend you never have to worry about losing.

Health benefits this stone offers:

· Osteoporosis

· Tooth Decay

· Muscle Spasms

2. Carnelian

Carnelian is a stone that seems to have been made to combat those negative traits of fussiness and perfectionism that sometimes hold you back. The best part of this stone for you, Virgo's, is that it "overcomes negative conditioning and encourages steadfastness." It will help you not be so harsh on yourself and other people, both emotionally and mentally. This is a Base Chakra and Sacral Chakra stone. Think of this stone as a Valium that has no downsides.

Health benefits that this stone helps with are:

· Kidneys

· Heals bones faster

· Supports good blood flow

3. Super Seven

This is an all-in-one stone with seven different rocks. This helps you with your psychic abilities and to have a stronger connection to your source of belief. With how much mental stress you put on yourself to be perfect and do things to your ideal perfection, you need a stone to balance that out. It should be of no surprise that the Super Seven is a Crown Chakra stone. Think of this stone as a crown of crowns.

Heal benefits:

· Meditation

4. Sapphire

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is also known as a "wisdom stone." Sapphire works heavily with the mind and "restores balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes, bringing serenity and peace of mind." This stone is a throat Charka stone. Think of Sapphire being your triple shot of espresso without having to worry about a heart attack.

Health benefits this stone is used for:

· Cellular disorders

· Blood disorders

· Regulates the glands

5. Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a stone that gives you a fresh awakening and a different perspective on things. It helps you express yourself clearly, both emotionally and verbally. While dissipating depression, it also encourages you to have hope and trust within yourself and your abilities. Moss Agate is a Heart Charka stone. Think of this stone as a mother to you that has given you everything you could ever need.

Health benefits:

· It helps speed up recovery time

· Treats fungal infections

· Treats skin infections

6. Green Calcite

Green Calcite is a new beginning type of stone. This stone is a heart chakra stone. It helps you to forgive yourself, to forgive others, to make positive changes in your life, stress reliever, and to renew your "sense of purpose and vitality." In short, a Green Calcite is like a medication guru that works with your personality and does not try to change you to be a particular why.

Available healing properties that this stone cleanses:

· The Kidneys

· The Pancreas

· The Spleen

7. Verdite

Verdite is a stone that acts like a 3-star general. It is there to help you develop a strategy to tackle your problems and your future. It allows you not to be overrun by emotions and to think clearly. Oddly enough, a Verdite is a heart Charka stone. How this stone is excellent for you, Virgos works with your desire to be perfect, your fussiness, ambitions, and adventurous sides. In short, it works with both your light and dark sides and pulls on the virtue that is most needed to get the goal done.

Healing benefits this stone helps relieve:

· Genito-urinary problems

· Sexual dysfunction

8. Mookaite

Mookaite is a stress-relieving stone. Perfect for you when you have your many projects going. It also helps you grow emotionally as a person and accept changes within and around you while blocking "unwanted outside influences and distractions." Think of this stone-like an old friend you have not talked to in a while but have reconnected with. This is a Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakra stone.

Healing benefits this stone stabilizes:

· Immune system

9. Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a stone that removes the negative emotions and thoughts that can plague a Virgo. You know when you are stuck in your rut of things not going perfectly. This stone helps you to stop blocking your blessings and fights against boredom and exhaustion. Dalmatian Jasper will help balance your yin and yang out, which we all know Virgos desperately needs. This stone is a root chakra stone. Think of this stone as your cheerleader.

Healing properties this stone offers:

· Cleanses your internal organs

· Constipation

· Cleanses your blood

10. Meteorite

The meteorite is a stone that Virgos will want to use when creating or working on any big projects. It helps you have an inner vision of what you want to project or betray. It also allows you with any spiritual awakening that you may be going through. A meteorite is a stone that works with all chakras but one, the throat Charka.

Meteorite helps treat:

· Anemia

11. Amethysts

Amethyst is a third-eye chakra stone. Amethysts are perfect for any zodiac sign because of their ability to fight off stress and help dispel brain fog and zoning out. This stone is excellent for you, Virgos, because of how you have this ability to hold yourself back either intentionally or unintentionally. There is this need to be perfect and balanced when at that moment, being excellent or balanced is preventing you from growing as a person or getting the job done. In short, Amethysts are like a much-needed strong wind that blows out the pollution from an area and leaves only clean air behind.

Healing properties offered are:

· Improving the immune system

· Enhances the skin's appearance

· Helps with digestive health

12. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the birthstone of April and is a Crown Chakra stone. This stone is known as the "master healer" stone and amplifies the stones' powers. This stone is excellent for you, Virgos, because of how it "aids concentration and unlocks memory." Many of you, Virgos, rebel with your minds. There is nothing wrong with this, mind you! Just have this with you when you want to think clearly and focus on the task.

The benefits of Clear Quartz are:

· Balances the chakras

· Balances the body

· Immune system

13. Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone of January and a base and heart chakra stone. Garnet is a stone that works with the emotions of passion, sexual desires, love, and courage. How this stone helps you is that it uses to balance those emotions within to make them work for your benefit. It opens everything up so you can receive love and that fierceness that you possess and deserve to express to the world. It helps counteract the coolness that you have. Think of this stone-like cup of hot chocolate that melts your heart a little bit.

The healing benefits that garnet gives to are:

· Bone

· The Spine

· Cellular Structure

14. Red Jasper

Red Jasper was made for Virgos! This is popularly known as a "worry stone" and a problem revealer. Since you Virgos are known for sticking with something until it is done, Red Jasper will help you see the whole project or situation from all sides with clarity. Another element that Red Jasper brings to the table is its extreme protectiveness. Red Jasper is a Root Charka stone. In short, Red Jasper has a mother bear-type vibe to it that you need from time to time.

Healing properties for the following organs:

· Liver

· Blood

· Circulatory system

15. Almandine

Almandine is a stone that falls into the Garnet family. Thus, it helps with the areas that surround sex. It helps you with fertility and your libido. What it also does is offer a sense of safety, abundance, and grounding. It is a relationship stone, in a way. Almandine is a root chakra stone.

Healing issues this stone tackles:

· Blood circulation

· Blood problems

You know how you are and what your struggles are. The stones listed above will help you become better in your career, relationships, and everything else you have your heart set on. Remember, the only one who is holding you back is you.

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