The Best Stones for Taurus

The bull- steady and reliable but stubborn and resistant to change, you guys get a mixed reputation that few people get correct at first. You like being alone and hate when you must either explain or repeat yourself. If you must describe it, then people must be stupid, right? Not necessarily. However, some of you would have already walked away from me by now for trying to change your mind.

It is ok. It is your nature, and everyone is different. Taurus struggles with the same weaknesses their sign is known for due to being in different stages in their lives. You are the second sign of the zodiac, so while Aries brings in that furry, you bring in that foundation that the rest of the zodiac signs build apron. With that said, here are sixteen stones that are the best for you.

1. Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for all you May babies. This stone is your lucky stone and aims to tackle the impatience factor that seems to dominate your nature. Emerald is a heart chakra stone. In short, this stone works to heal your body and soul while you deal with the ways of finding love and maturing into an adult, you know, without you wanting to rip out people's throats. It indirectly helps you work on your people's skills.

Health wise, this stone helps with disorders of:

· Lungs

· Heart

· The Spine

2. Rose Quartz

A Rose Quartz is known as "the stone of universal love" because it promotes "unconditional love" in yourself and your relationships. It is a heart chakra stone.

The healing properties this stone offers are:

· Balance the circulatory system

· Increase fertility

· Strengthens the heartbeat

3. Diamond

A stone used as "a sign of commitment" is also a crown charka stone and April's birthstone. It is an energy amplifier stone, so be careful as it will amplifier both positive and negative energies. This stone is suitable for you pacifically because it helps you press on with new adventures as you evolve both spiritually and emotionally. This is a Crown Charka stone.

Health benefits are:

· Treating allergies

· Helps with eyesight

· Fights against poisoning

4. Rhodonite

The stone of love! Why Rhodonite is suitable for any Taurus is because it is a balancing stone for your emotions. It is, of course, a Heart charka stone. It will clear away past emotional trauma and promotes self-love and forgiveness. It will help create a balanced yin and yang within yourself so that the situations and relationships that you have and deal with will be more fulfilling.

The Health benefit this stone provides are:

· Helps with hearing

· Treating emphysema

· Arthritis

5. Kunzite

Kunzite is your relationship stone. Yes, I know you are tired of reading about heart chakra stones, but your stubbornness and your way of not wanting to repeat yourself have a way of creating miscommunication in your relationship. However, if you sincerely dealt with your emotions, then you would not need this stone. Think of this as a pretty and inexpensive therapist. Kunzite is considered an alternative birthstone for February.

Your health benefits would be:

· Treats migraines

6. Copper

You guys are known for being stubborn as hell, but some of you are also known for being sluggish and unmotivated. It would be best if you had the motivation. Where it would come from is not easy to say, depending on your situation. However, this is where this stone comes into play. Copper is known to bring "luck" to its owner and to open the base chakra. Copper will help you get motivated and allow you to focus on what areas of life you need to focus on. Either in relationships, career, or school. To decide what job to go for or what to major in for college. Think of this stone as your best friend who has some life experience advice.

Health wise, this stone helps with fighting off:

· Bacterial infections

· Arthritis

· Imbalance of blood flow

7. Selenite

As a Crown Chakra stone, Selenite is an excellent stone that expands the mind and makes you more aware of your surroundings. It makes the connection to your higher self and the spiritual world more reliable and more profound. If your Moon is in Taurus, then this stone is your moon sign stone. It makes you think in ways you may never have. It will give you more of an insight into yourself than what a mirror could.

Health benefits are:

· Promotes flexibility

· Overcome age spots and wrinkles

· Overcome tumors

8. Jade

If your Sun (main) sign is in Taurus, then this is your main stone. Jade promotes harmony, peace of mind, and sherds away negativity and self-doubt. It brings good luck and attracts real friendships. Yes, this is another one that is part of the Heart Charka stone groups. Keep this stone in your pocket, for it is another best friend that only wants the best for you.

The health benefits that Jade gives are:

· Aids in childbirth

· Removes toxins

· It helps the cellular system

9. Carnelian

Carnelian is a Sacral Charka stone. I lead with this because this stone is basically like a pumped-up personal life coach that pushes you to do and be the best in everything you want to do in life. It forces you to trust your gut, overcome fear, and go for it.

Health benefits are in treating:

· Back problems

· Arthritis

· Depression

10. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a "master healer" stone. It is a Crown Charka stone. It works so much with changing around energy and with the mind to clear out any fogginess. It works on balancing them on the spiritual and emotional realms while working on yourself in the psychical plain. This stone is more of a master stone.

Healing benefit:

· Headaches

· Tension

· *If you have a 3rd eye headache, take the flat side of a quartz shape (or wand shape) clear quartz crystal and rub it on your 3rd eye in a counterclockwise motion to release the tension.

11. Chrysocolla

This stone may not be well known, but it should be. Even though it is a throat chakra stone, it works for every chakra. How? It encourages inner balance in every way possible. From counteracting phobias to increasing self-love, it works on balancing every little thing that needs it. It is like a master guru that does not require you to travel or drain your bank account.

Aliments that is fighting against are:

· Bone Disease

· Muscle Spasms

· Menstrual Cramps

12. Green Garnet

This stone brings things out into the open in a positive way. Whether you like it or not, it will bring to the surface things you need to work on. However, Green Garnet makes sure that it does not blow up in your face so bad. This stone will also bring out your adventurous side, so if you can not travel, still take the feelings seriously and try to do something fun. Yes, this is another heart chakra stone.

Health benefits are helpful in:

· Rheumatism

· Detoxing the kidneys

· Detoxing the blood

13. Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a stone that works with all the chakras, and for a good reason. Rutilated Quartz works with you to let go of the past and let go of negative thoughts you have of others. Rutile makes it easier to forgive on all levels and to reach the root of the problem(s) you have had with others.

Healing benefits this stone treats:

· Respiratory tract

· Bronchitis

· The thyroid

14. Dioptase

This stone has only one job-to gets you to let go of things that no longer serve you. You are unwilling to work through anything that needs to be given up, and you need to move on. Plain and simple. Dioptase allows you to do this, for it understands that you are only human, after all. Due to the heavy emotions that it deals with, this is a Heart Charka stone.

Healing properties are:

· Maintaining blood pressure

· Heal stomach aces caused by stress

· Easies ulcers

15. Chrysoprase

If your stubbornness and miscommunication hurt your relationship, then Chrysoprase will open you up so the truth can come out. It heals the pain that your inner child can be feeling. A Sacral Chakra stone explains why it deals with releasing the past hurt that is usually stored in your gut.

What it treats:

· The digestive system

· Heart disorders

· Restlessness

16. Pink Tourmaline

Do not let the color of pink throw you off. While Black Tourmaline works on fighting off negativity and psychic attacks, Pink Tourmaline works on you and your heart's feelings. Literally! It is a heart chakra stone because of this. It works on your understanding of yourself, reducing fear, and brings in prosperity.

What this stone treats:

· Dyslexia

· Hand-eye coordination

· Releasing tension

All in all, you guys have the problem of holding your emotions in and shutting people out. Depending on your situation and where you are in life, you guys will have different issues at different times that require attention. Just know that when communication and trusting problems come along, you have stones that will help you in those trying times with no judgment.

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