The Best Stones for Scorpios

Scorpios have that love/hate relationship reputation with both people and situations out of zodiac signs. The characteristics of the Scorpio are so complicated at times that you make some people's heads spin. You guys feel betrayal and the need to protect your people so deep that the deep-sea water fish cannot reach your depths if they tried. On the other hand, you come across as cold, heartless, and cruel when someone crosses you and feels the sting of your stinger. You have a dark sense of humor and prefer to understand the darker aspects of life that turn some people off. Your mysterious nature is why many people do not continuously see the inner termoral you deal with within yourself.

The standards that you expect of other people you wish twice of yourself. These standards become a considerable problem when you feel blocked or off-balance from your connection to the source. Your creative juices are not following. That gut feeling you trust and rely on so heavily is not there. While other people may not believe it is a big deal, to you, it is. You become stressed and get so hard on yourself with negative emotions and thoughts for not staying up to your high expectations. These stones listed below will be the best at helping you with all those different aspects.

Listed below are 15 stones that are good for Scorpio, which can help you in the most beneficial ways.

1) Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is perfect for you. It is a power stone in the sense of its two significant properties. First, it helps dissipate the day-to-day build-up of any anger or resentment that you may have towards yourself, other people, or the situations around you. Secondly, it helps with the connection to the spirit world. It is also a root chakra stone.

Health wise, this stone is beneficial for:

· Digestion problems

· The need to detox

· Joint pain

2) Malachite

Malachite is a protection stone that works hard to protect the home, the office, and you. It is a Heart charka stone. Malachite is an excellent stone for dispelling negative energies and cleanings the charkas.

The health benefits this stone provides are:

· Helps the liver

· Lowers blood pressure

· Helps with menstrual cramps

3) Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is the go-to stone for emotional clarity. It clears your energy, mentality, and aura of all negativity, depression, and stress. If you had a first aid kit of crystals, this stone would be the disinfectant. This is a Root Charka Stone.

The health aids it provides are as follows:

· Back problems

· Calms the nerves

· Beneficial to the reproductive system and the heart

4) Amethyst

Amethyst is an excellent stone for you because it is the mother of mood balancers. From relieving stress and evening out mood swings to banishing sadness and grief, this stone is like that best friend that you always call on in the middle of a crisis. This stone will also help you with enhancing any of your psychic abilities. It is a third-eye chakra stone.

Health wise, this stone is beneficial for:

· Relieves tension headaches and pains caused by stress

· It helps the immune system to become stronger

5) Sodalite

Sodalite is an excellent stone for you, Scorpios, due to its mood elevator abilities. This stone focuses and centers your energies for you to enhance your self-esteem, accept yourself for who you are, and learn to trust your gut again. It is a throat and third eye chakra stone.

The health benefits this stone provides are:

· Stabilize your metabolism

· Helps battle calcium deficiencies

· It enables you to sleep better

6) Topaz

Topaz is one of three lucky stones that you, as a Scorpio, have. It is also one of two birthstones that November has. The other gem is listed below. This stone is so lucky for you because it works with your energies to achieve your life goals. Topaz works with both the Solar Plexus and the Sacral Cakras.

Its health benefits are:

· Improves digestion

· Fights eating disorders

· Ups your metabolism

7) Rhodochrosite

This stone takes on the most challenging thing that you Scorpios are stubborn about-forgiveness! This stone's battle is emotional wounds- something that you are infamous for hiding and ignoring. It is no surprise that Rhodochrosite is a heart and solar plexus chakra stone.

Health wise, this stone is beneficial for:

· Thyroid imbalances

· Balancing blood pressure

· Regulating your heartbeat

8) Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is your warrior stone! Call it Xena warrior princess or your knight in shining amour, and this stone kicks some serious butt. It fights off all types of negativity, psychic attacks and runs off fear. It will also cleanse your aura, clears your energy field, and grounds you. This stone is one tough cookie- just like you! It is also a Root Charka stone.

Health wise, this stone is beneficial for:

· Improving hand-eye coordination

· Treating dyslexia

· Releasing muscle tension

9) Citrine

Citrine is the second birthstone for November. This stone is suitable for you because it motives and stimulates creativity and combats depression and fear. It is a solar plexus chakra stone.

If you are having any health problems, this stone is suitable for dealing with the following:

· Poor eyesight

· Poor blood flow

· Fighting off kidney and bladder infections

10) Red Jasper

Red Jasper is that stone that you always want to have in your back pocket. It is highly protective of its owner. This stone will bring your problems to the surface while shedding light on the situation to see it from all angles, so you are not blindsided. It still will give you the stamina and determination to achieve the goals that you have set. It does this all while detoxing and grounding your aura at the same time. It should be no surprise that this is a base or root chakra stone.

This stone is best at detoxifying:

· The circulatory system

· The blood

· The liver

11) Ruby

Ruby is that the go-getter, the lover of life stone. This heart chakra stone helps remove the negative energies and blockages from your path so you can enjoy all that life has to give.

Rudy is known to help stimulate the following:

· the spleen

· the kidneys

· the reproductive organs

12) Spinel

The stone for workaholics. You know how to keep a throat chakra stone on its toes! This stone works just as hard as you! It releases work-related stress and worries while filling up your depleted energy tank.

The health benefits are as follows:

· It eliminates toxins from your body and energy field.

13) Opal

The birthstone of October. It is no surprise that an emotional stone like this promotes freedom, independence, and creativity. It enhances psychic abilities and visions. It is a third-eye chakra stone.

Opal provides these health benefits:

· Eases childbirth

· Purifies the kidneys

· Purifies the blood

14) Garnet

Another important thing for you, Scorpios, is a perfect balance of sex drive. Garnet is the Mr. Clean of charka cleansing stones and is a base chakra stone.

The health benefits are:

· Treating spinal disorders

· Bone problems

· Immune system problems

15) Labradorite

If you have a big test or an important project, this stone will be perfect due to its ability to clear away any fogginess caused by stress. The clarity Labradorite provides also reveals the veiled truths and strengthens your faith in yourself and the universe. This is a third eye and crown charka stone.

Health benefits are:

· Rheumatism

· Treats colds

· Good for gout

When looking for stones, it is best to know what you need help with before hunting. All the stones listed above are best for you, Scorpio's, because they work with the core problems that many of you deal with daily. These stones will become your new best friends.

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