The Best Stones for Gemini

Updated: May 22

You all know that the sign for a Gemini is the twins. Known by some for having a split personality or being two-faced, some of you have had to face the problems of being a Gemini and its’ dark traits before you even really get to know a person. It is not fair. You know this, and I know this. However, having the characteristics of being adaptable but unreliable and impulsive but again irresponsible, you can see why you get a bad rap. Your secret weapon is your intelligence, but you also have the habit of creating drama by gossiping about your problems with other people instead of tackling it head-on with the person you are having trouble with. You have your intelligence, and you can be the life of the party. Don’t be afraid to use that to your benefit in all aspects of your life.

Here are some stones that will help you create a more well-balanced life.

1. Peridot

Peridot is a Solar Plexus chakra stone due to its being a potent cleaning stone. It helps release toxins from your body. Another secure attribute that this stone has is that it fights off bitterness, jealousy, and greed that you may have during specific situations. It works to open your heart and allows you to take responsibility for your life and the choices that you have made. To learn and grow from those choices.

Your health benefits are:

· Metabolism booster

· Aids the heart

· Aids the lungs

2. Blue Lace Agate

If Gemini is your sun sign, then Blue lace Agate is your stone. It is a throat Charka stone. Blue Lace Agate works predominately with your throat for a calming effect. This calming effect will allow you to express your feelings and thoughts more clearly with other people and yourself.

Healing benefits are:

· Sore eyes

· Infected lymph

· Repairing bones

3. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a throat Charka stone. One of the significant problems that Geminis face is miscommunication and the fears that go along with it. This stone will come in handy for you because it quiets the mind, reduces stress, promotes tolerance, and gives you the courage to deal and talk with different types of people you usually don't want to deal with. It is an excellent meditation stone.

The Health benefits of fighting against are as follows:

· Sore throat

· Thyroid Problems

· Allergies

4. Citrine

Citrine would be considered Gemini’s good luck stone for how it attracts wealth, success, and joy to your life. Citrine is a Sacral Charka stone. This Charka area is where you hold your emotions and creativity, which is why Citrine is such a good stone. It gives you motivation, boosts your self-esteem, and makes your creative juices flow like a raging river.

Citrine helps balance out or increase the following:

· Thyroid

· Blood Circulation

· Cellulite

5. Emerald

Emerald is a heart chakra stone. It is known as the “stone of successful love.” This love can be in any area of your life- work, romance, anything! Emerald is fabulous for Geminis because it works with both your light and dark side qualities and still works with them to get you back on track and heading in the direction you want to go in. It is not afraid of your impulses nor the indecisiveness that can fog your mind. Therefore, it is not scary how you charm people to do what you want them to do. No matter what, Emerald works with you to achieve your goals in the most positive way possible.

Organs this stone helps are:

· The Heart

· The Lungs

· The Muscular System

6. Howlite

Howlite only has one job, and that is to work with your indecisiveness. Howlite is a Crown chakra stone. It works to combat insomnia and overthinking. It is a calming stone that is good considering how fast your mind races with all those different ideas and problems you deal daily. It is like having a drink to calm you down without spending the money and hurting your liver every time.

Howlite aids in the following:

· Teether

· Bones

· Soft Tissue

7. Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a stone that works with all the chakras. It clears away all negative energy and helps you to let go of past pain and stress. If you are feeling stuck in your career or your life in general, this stone enables you to change direction to live the life that you want to lead. Think of this stone as a career test that guides you to the answer you wish to, not just telling you what it thinks you want to hear.

Rutilated Quartz treats the following:

· Thyroid

· Torn Tissue

· Bronchitis

8. Serpentine

Serpentine is Crown Charka stone. Why I lead with that is because this stone is another one that works on clearing your mind. It helps you make clear and okay rounds of decisions with all the facts in front of you without your emotions overwhelming you. Serpentine is an excellent meditation stone and allows you to connect better with your source of divinity. This stone is like having a sweet grandmother who is guiding you from the other side.

Ailments that Serpentine aids with are:

· Detoxing your body

· Detoxing your blood

· Treating diabetes

9. Jade

How Jade helps a Gemini helps you balance your twins or, as some would say, your two face-ness. It brings good luck and attracts friendships that will be beneficial to you. It encourages you to be true to yourself and not allow your darker traits of hiding yourself, only having negative conversations, or your anti-social behavior to the surface to only hold you back. Jade is a heart Charka Stone.

Jade is known to treat:

· Kidney problems

· Adrenal Glands

· Removes toxins

10. Variscite

Variscite deals a lot with the mind and with meditation. However, it is a heart chakra stone. It clears the mind, encourages clear communications of your ideas, and is suitable for meditation. It also gives you hope and courage to do what you want to do.

Health benefits that Variscite treats are:

· Blood flow

· Low testosterone

11. Serpentine

If Gemini is your moon sign, then this is the stone you will need. This stone’s job is to balance out your emotions while bringing out your sense of purpose. It helps you center yourself to let go of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. While it is not assigned to a certain charka, it does help the crown chakra.

Serpentine helps treat:

· Diabetes

· Hypoglycemia

12. Aquamarine

Aquamarine was made for you guys because you love living off your wit and showing off your intelligence. Aquamarine sharpens your intuition and promotes self-expression. Although Geminis are not well known for being sensitive, this stone helps with those who are. This stone also reduces stress, quiets the mind, and gives courage. Aquamarine is a March birthstone, and it is a throat chakra stone.

Health benefits are fighting:

· Thyroid problems

· Swollen glands

· Allergies

13. Chrysocolla

Many would believe that Geminis do not have the capability of feeling genuine love. Chrysocolla is the stone that works to make that statement not right. Working on increasing your capacity to love also draws out past heartache to heal entirely from it so you can move on with your life. Although, this stone does double duty in a way. Not only does it work on your heart, but it also works in communication. Therefore, Chrysocolla is both a throat and heart chakra stone.

Detoxifications that this stone works on:

· Liver

· Kidneys

· Intestines

14. Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite is a third-eye chakra stone. This stone is the ascendant (rising) sign of Gemini. Not many people go that far into their birth charts, but if you do, then you have yet another critical stone. This stone teaches you to trust your gut and to have inner peace. When you are struggling with some significant life choices, this stone is one that you will need in your pocket.

Health benefits are:

· Treats fevers

· Lowers blood pressure

· Treats insomnia

15. Apophyllite

When making long-term plans like buying a house, getting married, or having children, you need to be sure of your goals and not be distracted. Apophyllite makes you focus and prioritize what you want in life and how to get it without being distracted by short-term fancies. This stone is always in it for the long haul. It should not be a surprise that it is a Crown charka stone.

Health benefits:

· It makes the heartbeat stronger

No matter what people think of you, you should always think highly of yourself first. Work on your faults, your goals, and your dreams. Do not be afraid to meet new people, for if they don’t take the time to get to know you, then they are not worth your time in the first place now, are they?

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