The Best Stones for Cancer

The second most feeling sign there is, you Cancers are well known for being stuck in your feelings. Now, this is not right or wrong; it is just what you are. You feel everything and do not like to get into fights or confrontations, for you believe that everyone should live in harmony for the most part. You are a water sign, after all. You try to go with the flow and not create too many waves.

For all the effort you put into your relationships with your friends, family, and love life, it is no wonder that you feel drained at times. It would be best to have some TLC from time to time and not feel guilty for wanting or needing to take it. As they say, you can not pour from an empty cup, and this statement is especially true in your case.

Listed below are 15 stones that are good for Cancers, which can help you in the most beneficial ways.

1) Moon Stone

A Moon Stone is excellent for Cancer because it promotes inner strength, personal growth and stabilizes emotions. This is also a particular stone for anyone who has Cancer who has their sun sign. This is a good luck stone for you guys in love and business and is a protection stone for traveling. It is a third-eye chakra stone. Think of this stone as an excellent little angel on your shoulder.

The health benefits this stone has is as follows:

· Digestive problems

· Eliminates toxins

· Eliminates fluid retention

2) Carnelian

Carnelian is a Base chakra stone. This stone may seem out of place, but it is meant to give you the courage to face your fears. To overcome any past abuse and to dispel any rage, resentment, and envy that you may have so it can be replaced with love and success. Think of this stone as a ride or die best friend who is there no matter what.

The health benefits this stone has are:

· Treating lower back problems

· Treating Arthritis

· Combating Depression

3) Geodes

Many different crystals come in Geodes, so this one may be hard for you to define how it can help you and how it is a Cancer sign stone. This is a secret hidden gem for Cancer because it has the power to clean energy for both you and the entire room it is placed in. A Geode is a third eye chakra. Please think of this stone as a secret weapon that is hidden in plain sight.

Health benefits:

· Relieves stress

· Balances all chakras

4) Rainbow Quartz

While this stone is beautiful, it is used to dispel all types of anxiety and sadness both from you and the room that you are in. It is a stone that promotes luck in all endeavors. This stone works with all the chakras. Think of this stone as a friend who gives life to the party.

Health benefits:

· Raising your energy

5) Selenite

This is 100% a crown chakra stone. Selenite “provides clarity of the mind” for both you and those around you. It is a beautiful stone, and Selenite clears the fogginess between you and the higher powers for a clear connection. It is perfect for meditation or spiritual work. Think of this stone as a gentle wind that blows away all your troubles.

Health Benefits are:

· It helps reveal epileptic disorders

· It Helps corrects deformities of the spine

6) White Opal

The white opal is an overly emotional stone and a powerful stone as well. White opal rids its owner of anger and replaces it with self-worth. Besides strengthening your memories, it also “brings loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity.” This is a crown chakra stone. Think of this beauty as a classic rebel.

Health benefits:

· Purifies the blood

· Purifies the kidneys

7) Pearl

Pearl is the birthstone for June. The pearl “symbolizes purity,” but it also “signifies faith, charity, and innocence.” What pearls help Cancer’s do focus. Focus on what you are procrastinating on, be it work, homework, or anything that you do not want to do but know it must be done. This is a third eye chakra stone. Think of this stone as a dignified mother that is watching over you.

Pearls help treat:

· Digestive disorders

· Bloating

· Increases fertility

8) Sodalite

Sodalite is wonderful for Cancers because it balances your emotions, promotes calmness of the mind, and “calms panic attacks.” This is a throat chakra stone that will help you to speak your truth. Think of this stone as that stuffed animal or character that you hug when you are down.

What this stone helps treat:

· Throat

· Vocal cords

· Digestive disorders

9) Blue Chalcedony

This stone is excellent for Cancers because it helps you improve your memory, speech and learn new languages. This stone works fantastic with other rocks that steady your mind to focus on your goals and achieve your desires. The Blue Chalcedony is a throat chakra stone that will help you convey what you want clearly to others. Think of this stone as a speech for a foreign language teacher that is fun.

How this stone helps your body:

· Has anti-inflammatory effects

· Lowers temperature

· Lowers blood pressure

10) Calcite

Calcite is another stone that works with all the chakras. It is an energy amplifier, energy cleaner, and spiritual stone that opens psychic abilities and higher consciousness. This benefits Cancers because it helps you open spiritually, boosts memory, and grows into the self you want to be safe. This is a sacral chakra stone. Think of Calcite as a spiritual therapist that is down to earth and will tell you how it is.

How this helps your health-wise:

· Helps in blood clotting

· Helps in healing tissues

· Cleans and improves the kidneys

11) Bowenite

Bowenite may be a lesser-known stone for a few of you, but Bowenite is great for Cancers because it encourages you to be spontaneous in your divination/rituals and try new activities. It is also an excellent stone to have when dealing with dominating people around you. Think of Bowenite as a Scorpio or Aries-like friend who knows when to calm the hell down. Bowenite is a heart chakra stone.

Healing properties:

· None so far

12) Ruby

Known as the birthstone for July, Rubies are fabulous for Cancers because it brings out a zest for life that you are either too scared to go after or do not know that you have a passion for. It is a strong motivation and goal-setting stone, which is excellent for combating your guys' procrastination. Ruby is a heart and base chakra stone, and it is a lucky stone for you. Think of this stone-like as a fun planner that does make you feel guilty if you miss your goal date.

What rubies detox:

· The blood

· The body

· The lymphatic system

13) Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a protection stone that connects to your love of the water. It calms your wave of emotions and any fears or anger you may have. It pushes you to express your feelings of love in a more balanced and healthier way-more than what you may have done in the past. This is a Solar Plexus and throat Chakra gem. Think of this stone as a gentle, older sister who has wisdom for the ages.

Healing properties:

· Upset stomach (caused by stress and negative emotions)

14) Black Opal

A Black opal feeds off what the White Opal’s properties do. While the white opal tackles the emotion of anger, Black Opal loves to take the feeling of fear head-on. Black Opal helps you deal with uncomfortable situations calmly without taxing yourself. This is a root chakra stone. Think of this stone as a beautiful, seductive vampiric stone that only wants to have your back.

Health Benefits:

· Blocks negative energy

· Protects your emotional body

· Protects your aura

15) Meteorite

While this stone has a use for divination, this stone does help with astral travels. The meteorite also fights against phobias like flying on a plane and dealing with jet lag. It works with all the chakras and can heal a person’s aura even if they are not around you and vise-a-versa. Think of this stone as a gatekeeper.

A meteorite has no healing benefits for the body, but it does have some for the mind and spirit.

· Healing fears from flying

· Healing from jet lag

· Heals your aura

Being a Cancer is not easy for you to feel both your and other people's emotions like Pieces do. When it comes to feeling emotions, water signs understand it more than any other elemental sign. Never change who you are unless you want but also do not allow your wave of emotions to overrun you. You deal with the passion of love more in-depth than most signs, do not distinguish that light from this world.

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