The Best stones for Aries

Aries- you are a stubborn ram notorious for a fiery temper and leaping before thinking attitude. You have this zest for life and individual freedom that it is no wonder that you are first in the zodiac. You are creative, have strong leadership, and love to get down and dirty when things get juicy. You know how to be the life of the party!

While you are these amazing things, you can also be incredibly frustrating to yourself and other people. You can be so brutal and cold with your feelings and words towards other people that only signs like a Scorpio would be able to watch you explode and still be your friend at the end of the day. You hate feeling constricted, trapped, and told what to do. On the other hand, when you genuinely care about someone or something, you keep your criticism to yourself. Thus, hurting yourself by self-sabotage.

To help you balance out your adventurous and self-hurting sides, here are the best stones for you.

1) Diamond

The birthstone of April, a diamond, is perfect for you, Aries, due to its ability to help relationships. It is a crown chakra stone. A diamond combats Aries's ability to push people away when they get afraid of them getting too close. It sheds light on partnerships and attracts multitudes of abundance in different areas of life. This stone is just as expensive and most likely prettier than a therapist if you want a quick summary.

This stone helps with the following health problems:

· Detoxifies the whole body

2) Bloodstone

Bloodstones are perfect for Aries, who finds themselves out of their element. Meaning that if you decided to adjust yourself to fit into someone else's idea of what you should be, this stone would bring you back home within yourself. Bloodstone does nothing but performs balancing acts for what you need at that moment. It is a base chakra stone. In short- this stone acts like your wake-up call without you suffering your third hangover trying to figure out your life.

Health benefits are as follows:

· Purifies the blood

· Detox for the intestines

3) Red Jasper

A Red Jasper is a lucky stone for all Aries. The reason being it is incredibly protective of you! This stone can be considered your worry stone, from cleansing your aura and shining light onto the answers to your problems to calming your changing emotions. Red Jasper will always be your best friend, and it makes sure that it measures up to that challenge. It is a base chakra stone. All in all, think of this stone as your one call from jail when you are in trouble.

The detoxing qualities red japer has to offer are to the:

· Liver

· Circulatory system

4) Garnet

Garnet takes on that one element that many trends lightly around- your heart. It is a well-known fact that Aries love their independence. You prefer to be solo than in a possible harmful partnership. Therefore, you are viewed as selfish, not realizing that you are just a free spirit that refuses to be tamed. Garnet helps open the heart giving it hope and courage to try something new. It is a heart and base chakra. Please think of this stone as the matchmaker your mother paid for because you are not getting any younger, and she wants grandbabies.

The cleansing health benefits are to:

· The heart

· The lungs

5) Hematite

When you are feeling stuck or uncertain about anything in life, Hematite is good because it draws "courage, strength, endurance, and vitality." It is needed for you to see what the hell is going on. This stone combats mental anguish. While it may not be well known, under your hot-headedness, and your desire to always be the best, you do secretly deal with uncertainty and self-doubt. It is a base chakra stone. Where you like it or not, this stone is summed up only as a mirror for you. A mirror that will reveal cold hard truths that you need to hear, be it good or bad.

The health benefits:

· Kidneys

· Anxiety

6) Carnelian

This delicious red stone is terrific for giving you the courage and momentum that keeps you, you! This stone keeps up with your passionate right side and your wrong egoistical side while bringing out the best in you. Carnelian is that stone that helps you overcome abuse without tearing out your heart to get to the root of the problem. It is a Sacral charka stone. In short- think of this stone as a vampire. Depending on the point of view, Dracula can be your hero or your enemy.

Health problems this stone combats are:

· Arthritis

· Depression

7) Citrine

Citrine is a loving little stone that plays more on your fun side. It promotes joy and delight while boosting your creativity and self-expression that you most likely have not felt in years. This solar plexus stone releases fears and phobias. A straight answer is this stone is like a young child that wants to play with your inner child. Be kind to it!

The healing benefits are:

· Relieving constipation

· Fights cellulite

8) Emerald

Emeralds challenge you in a way that you genuinely need them to for you to have a successful romantic relationship. This stone is naturally a heart chakra stone. It makes you work on your temper and take brave new steps in opening your heart completely to a satisfying relationship at the same time. To come to terms with having a partnership rather than a solo ship is acceptable to have without feeling trapped or controlled. Think of this stone as a gift from a Goddess of Love. It is a hopeless romantic that will drag you out, kicking and screaming if you do not pay attention.

Health benefits are:

· Improves allergies

· Improves vision

9) Clear Quartz

This stone is suitable for any sign, but it helps you as an Aries because it draws out all negative energy and heals anything that needs it. It balances all the chakras and will absorb or release pent-up energy of any kind. This stone is a crown chakra stone. A summary of this stone for you is simple- this is your antibiotics to the world's problems.

The Health problems this stone deals with are:

· Stabilizes the immune system

10) Aquamarine

The birthstone for March is a big stone for you because it helps with your judgmental side, and you are feeling overwhelmed by stressful situations. It is an excellent meditation stone for you as it will help you "sharpen intuition and open clairvoyance." It is a throat chakra stone. Think of this as your guru.

Health benefits:

· Sore throats

· Thyroid problems

11) Red Agate

You have met your match with Red Agate. This stone is a powerful cleansing stone that harmonizes and balances the mind, body, and soul. It calms your inner anger and creates a sense of safety. It is that sweet old grandma that can kick some butt if she needs to. This is a root chakra stone.

Healing properties are:

· Stomach

· Battles skin disorders

12) Amethyst

Amethyst is an artificial stone that helps everyone. It helps you out as an Aries because it relieves stress, helps dispense anger, and balances mood swings, and enhances your psychic abilities. Amethyst is that stone that you always want to have on you. This is a Crown Charka stone.

Healing properties are:

· Swelling

· Hearing disorders

13) Rhodonite

The pink in this stone brings out your compassion for other people and yourself, even though you like to deny it. It is a heart chakra stone that should not surprise you. It heals past wounds and nurtures all types of love. It is like a puppy that never grows up but still loves you no matter what.

The healing properties are:

· Bone growth

· Fertility

14) Super Seven

Super Seven is as complexed as you are. It is a stone with seven stones: Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, and Cacoxenite. This stone covers so much that you would think this stone was made just for you. This stone is your long island iced tea from stress and anxiety to protection and fighting off negativity. This stone works with all Charkas.

Health benefits:

· Meditation

15) Iron Pyrite

Also called fool's gold, there is nothing foolish about this stone. This stone has the powers of willpower and action that are amazing for keeping up with your goals and will. It is a boot camp personal trainer. This is a solar plexus charka stone.

The health benefits are:

· It gives energy to the body

· Fever reducer

All in all, your personality may scare some people, but these stones are not afraid. No matter your problems, one of these stones listed above will be able to handle you with ease. Keeping up with the leader is hard work, but some crystals are more then willing to make that sacrifice.

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