The Best Stones for a Leo

What can we say about the prideful lion that is Leo? The mighty King or Queen is sitting upon their thrones, ruling over everyone in their kingdom! Ok, we wall to know that is not precisely what happens, but that is how you Leos see it. Why not, right? Your sign is one of the zodiac's natural-born leaders, and you have no problems taking on the challenges that prove your greatness. The second fire sign of the zodiac, you are right where you want to be. Enough of the front does not seem "foolish," but not quite in the middle, for you are not one to "hide."

As the saying goes, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." Your prideful-ness, arrogant-ness, and being all-knowing as well get you into trouble from time to time. Be it in your relationships with family or friends- your dark side as a well of biting you hard in the butt. It may surprise some people, but you can feel emotional pain and regret. Also, many Leos have problems with overthinking.

Listed below are fifteen stones that will help you balance your light and dark sides and better express yourself to people who truly matter in your eyes.

1) Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a good luck stone for you, and anyone who wears it for it is a powerful protection stone. One of the bonuses is that it clears a cloudy mind, "stabilities mood swings," and heals any fears and anxieties. Think of it as a laid-back best friend who will let you mess up but not too severely. Tiger's Eye is a Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra stone.

Healing benefits are:

· Repairing broken bones

· Treats the throat

· Releases toxins in the body

2) Labradorite

Labradorite is a strength that helps you through changes in your life. Be it good or bad, this stone protects your aura, grounds your energies, and revealing the truth of situations that are hidden in the dark. It also helps calm down your overactive mind. Think of this stone-like as a personal planner that keeps you on track and knows things. Labradorite is a Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra stone.

Disorders that Labradorite helps treat:

· Brain

· Eyes

· Anxiety

3) Sunstone

Sunstone is a beautiful stone for those who have a hard time saying "no" to people. It is "linked to luck and good fortune," and it "clears and energizes all the chakras." This stone aims to show your true independence and happy self to shine through the mask to confirm the public. It may seem rare that a Leo would need help with the feeling of self-worth and confidence, but Sunstones understand Leos better than most people think they know about Leos. In short, Sunstones see through the show you put on for the world and sees you for who you are. Sunstone is a Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra stone.

Healing properties are:

· Heals sore throats

· Helps to heal stomach ulcers

· Helps with spinal problems

4) Clear Quartz

This is a "master healer" stone. This means that it will clean all negative energy from both you and other rocks and balance out all the different planes that can affect you. This stone is excellent for Leos because it helps you center yourself, so you view and handle any situation clearly without your pride, jealousy, or possible self-loathing get in the way. Think of this as a mirror that only reveals the truth to you. Clear Quartz is a Crown Charka stone.

Health benefits are:

· None passed, clearing all negative energy from your body and chakras.

5) White Topaz

White Topaz is that stone that seems made for Leos, for it works great with your pride, love for life, and being the center of attention. However, it also balances it out with relieving tension in the body, re-motivating your goals or desires, and self-control in whatever areas of your life need it most. In a way, whites topaz is like a life coach that will not feed you bull to keep the monthly payments coming in. This stone works with you, not against you. This is a Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra stone.

Healing properties are:

· Fights eating disorders

· Stabilize metabolism

6) Rutilated Quartz

Leos, like Scorpios, can have a hard time forgiving people and letting go of the past- Rutilated Quartz works to correct that. It wants to work with you by letting go of past anger while fighting against any gossip spread about you. Forgive yourself of that pain and grow from it. This is what Rutilated Quartz was made for. Think of this stone as a best friend who has your back every time. Rutilated Quartz works with all chakras.

Healing properties:

· Gives energy

· Repairs ripped tissue

· Balances out the thyroid

7) Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl is a protective stone that works to keep disaster away and transforms those negative thoughts in your head into positive ones. So you can live a better life; this stone helps you to see both sides of the coin as it were in any given situation. It increases your self-confidence and your self-worth. Think of Chrysoberyl like somewhat of a social media account that is always uplifting. Chrysoberyl is a solar plexus and crown chakra stone.

Healing properties that this stone balances out:

· Cholesterol

· Adrenaline

8) Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz is suitable for you, for it makes you realize your true abilities and brings to light the people who will be helpful and faithful to you. This stone works with your pride in the right way. It does not allow you to hide behind a façade, for there is no reason for it. Think of this stone as a hands-off type of mother who encourages you but does not hinder you. Golden Topaz is a Third eye charka.

Organs that this stone helps treat:

· Gall bladder

· Liver

· Endocrine Glands

9) Amber

Amber may seem like a random stone for a Leo; however, Amber is a beautiful stone for you because of its powerful healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Amber evens out your dark side when it is out too much, and it counterbalances depression, anger, and self-destruction. Think of Amber as a "chill out" type of stone for you. This is a Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakra stone.

Organs this stone treats:

· Kidneys

· Bladder

· Spleen

10) Carnelian

How Carnelian is helpful for Leos is that it works your dark side of anger, jealousy, and hatred and turns it into motivation for success in all your endeavors. It overcomes negative situations in your life, to "overcome abuse of all kinds," and pushes for a zest for life in where your passions truly lie. Carnelian will help you to let go of that which does not serve you. Carnelian is a base chakra stone that should be of no surprise. Think of this stone as a friend who will let you have a good cry for five minutes before kicking your butt to get you back into the game.

Carnelian heals:

· Depression

· Lower back problems

· Arthritis

11) Orange Calcite

Everyone in this world suffered from feeling down, defeated, and lost. Orange Calcite works with both the spirit and the psychical body to bring it all back into balance. This stone is a root chakra stone. It explains how Orange Calcite works with the emotions to be released, for it is in the root chakra that holds the stress and pain in the pit of your stomach. This stone is that best friend who calms you down and quiets your mind before you set out to gain your desired success.

The heal benefits this stone helps with are:

· Kidney function

· Liver

· The Spleen

12) Brown Zircon

It is rare for you, Leos, to want to show the world your grief for losing a loved one, a pet, or a job/career. You like to show the world a front of glory, winnings, and success. Who could blame you? Brown Zircon is a stone that deals with the root, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. We all know that not everyone who claims to be cheering you is happy for your success. Brown Zircon also has the added spiritual benefits of protecting you from evil enchantments and evil spirits. It also works on you being less materialistic—a good thing when dealing with loss. Think of this stone-like as a BS detector.

Areas of health that this stone helps with:

· Insomnia

· To reduce fevers

· "Strengthens the heart."

13) Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye is another stone that protects you from evil spirits and turns negative energy into positive energy. Cat's Eye is an excellent grounding and aura cleansing stone for you.

Healing properties are:

· Eye disorders

· Relieves headaches

· Aids the nervous system

14) Garnet

With how much you Leos take pride in sitting upon your thrown, you require self-care and your chakras re-energized, which you can tend to ignore. Garnet balances the sex drive and emotional turmoil that you can have. Garnet brings you hope and courage to live the life that you want. Have this in your pocket when you strive to achieve your life goals, so your mind and hearts align to turn it into reality. This is a root and heart chakra stone. Think of garnet as a mood balancer for you that does not require you to take any pills.

The organs that garnet helps purify:

· The Lungs

· The heart

· The blood

15) Citrine

Citrine is right for you, Leos, because it attracts the good fortune you wish to match your status. It raises your self-confidence and your self-esteem. The dreams you have of yourself in your mind can be achieved with Citrine in your arsenal if you work on them and do not hold yourself back with excuses and fears. Citrine deals with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Crown Chakras. In a way, you could think of Citrine as a law of attraction stone if you believe in those laws.

Infections of the organs that Citrine helps fight off:

· Bladder

· The Kidneys

You, Leos, have been given mixed reviews about your good and bad qualities. Everyone knows that you are more a leader of the pack than a more fallow. However, the mask that you show to the world, of course, hides your inner demons. Unless someone knows you well, they will not see your pain, sorrow, and struggles. This is how you like it, and no, there is nothing wrong with it; remember that the stones listed above will be the voices of reason and help you need. Continue your path, knowing that you do have real friends that have your back.

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