Hello, welcome to my world.

Updated: Feb 20

Hello, everyone and welcome to my blog! Let me please begin by saying thank you for spending some of your valuable time to see what my blog and my site is about. Here is where I hope to share information on different areas of life that interest me and hopefully interest you as well. Predominantly about Vampyrism with a tiny section about how crystals corresponding to the charkas based on your zodiac signs.

Now you may be wondering why did I take this time to even create a blog that covers a small range of different topics on top of creating my fashion accessories? Well, to be frank, I believe in that old, popular saying "information is power!" With that said, I also believe that while yes some information may be hard to find (depending on the topic), it should be made available to those who wish to know it. I truly believe that we are created to help each other. One does not need to be master of everything nor does a master of one need to keep that information to himself/herself when our fellow human beings can help each other out of good will or reciprocity.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I hope you will follow me through future posts and see what is in store both for the blog and for Lavishly Mysterious itself.

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