Does spelling unlock a secret code?

The word vampire has only been part of the English language for almost 200 years. The word and knowledge of the undead creature who feeds on blood came to England via Eastern Europe, predominantly from Romania. The details of the story can be found in almost any documentary on Bram Stoker's Dracula or on vampires. However, the fear of the dead coming back to life and haunting the living has been around since the ancient times if not longer. Although, what would you think if you saw "vampyre" written on a stone buried in an ancient site?

You may or may not have seen the two different spellings of the word vampire. Spelling the word with an " i " as in "vampire" relates to the mythical creatures in books, movies, and the "blood sucking demons" in the myths of the old world. Spelling the world with a "y" as in "vampyre" relates to the spiritual and magic base that is practiced to this day by people that look like you and me! For example, someone who is a "vampyre " is someone who is a magical being that is living on this earth in human flesh who does not prey on human like betrayed in movies but who can feed off of energy or donor blood. While someone who is into role playing games will more likely spell it as "vampire. " They are more into wanting to follow or full fill a role like that of Dracula from Bram Stoker's novel or the famous vampire Lestat created by the now late Anne Rice, but do not live the life style nor by an unspoken codes and rules.

Now you may be asking why is the spelling so important if someone who has the spirit or soul of a vampyre but does not know the difference of the spelling? This is were more research and asking more questions comes into play. Both of the person himself/herself/themselves and on the subject overall. Thanks to modern technology such as the internet and especially social media, one has an easier time finding information on this topic of what vampirism/vampyrism is then in the past. For example, thanks to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube you can find both ladies and gentlemen who are witches and vampyires themselves and are even clan or coven leaders or members themselves. So many of them do not care hide anymore. Granted, many of these same men and women have turned to the modern form of the 15th century invention of the printing press to put a small or large collection of information in one place. Again, having the internet makes it easier get your hands on these books then it was in the past.

Listed below I have two (2) books that I recommend on the subject of mythical vampires and the magic or "understanding of the vampyres soul".*

*Please know I am not paid and received no compensation for naming these books. These gentlemen do not even know of my existence. These are just my opinions. *

1. Vampies, the Occult Truth by Konstantinos

2. Vampyre Sanguinumicon; The Lexicon of the Living Vampire by Father Sebastiaan

From a social media stand point, and from what I know, Konstantinos only has a Twitter account while Father Sebastiaan has both a Facebook and an Instagram account. Father Sebastiaan is also a Fangs Smith. Go give them a follow if you would like.

As we come to the end of the first post of what I hope becomes a fun and fascinating blog, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has read this far. I hope you look forward to what is yet to come. When I find more books on vampyres and vampyrism I will, of course, be updating my recommendations list. A list of books on fictional vampires will be done in a different blog post.

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