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Hello and Welcome to my world.

     Welcome to my little world called Lavishly Mysterious. You can find a little bit of everything magical and daring here. First, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Vira. I am a Gothic tarot card reader; you can book here. I am also an alternative fashion accessory designer, ritual tool creator, and a mistress of pain. Not only do I enjoy helping people spice up their love lives, but I also am passionate about helping people heal through the alchemy of pain by being a dominatrix. You can find me on as Ladyvira. I also have a vampire YouTube channel for fun. 

        You will find handmade fashion accessory items like fascinators, top hats, mini-top hats, jewelry, and handbags for different events and occasions in one's life. The vampire YouTube channel goes into details about the myths and legends of vampires and how they have affected and molded multiple cultures' beliefs throughout history in different parts of the world.     


       Thank you for visiting and I am excited to share this adventure with you as we grow toether and make sure to follow me on all my social media!          

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